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We are nostalgic. We have long memories. We remember the good times. We remember the bad times. Who are we ?  We are New Zealand sports fans and we are Retro Cricket.

Our mission in life is simple. We want to enjoy a good beer with mates, catch a few rays of sunshine, take the piss and to pay recognition to some of the more memorable moments in New Zealand sport.

We grew up as Kiwis who loved and followed sport. We idolised names like Stu Wilson, Beegee Williams, Richard Hadlee and John Walker. These guys were legends and we remembered every special moments in their careers.

And we still haven’t forgotten. And one thing we – nor any other Kiwi - has forgotten is the events of the 1st of February 1981. A day we now know as “Underarm 81.” A day where our fanatical love affair with cricket intensified. On this date 11 of New Zealand’s finest men, resplendent in tight fitting Beige went into battle with the enemy, the Australian cricket team.

99.5 overs later we were on the verge of an unlikely victory when the Chappell brothers disgraced themselves and their nation when they bowled the very last delivery of the match underarm to prevent our main man, Brian McKecknie from hitting a 6 to draw the match.

We never forgot this game and now we pay tribute to our men who played that day by putting those beige uniforms back on. By putting the Beige back on we wish to recapture some of the great days of New Zealand sport. Days when New Zealand cricket gave 100% and never flinched in the pursuit of victory. Days when it took dastardly acts to deny our men victory.

Those were great days and we want to relive them. We welcome you all to our website and hope that like us you will wear the “Beige” with pride. Lest we forget.

Now it's your chance to wear a bit of history with your very own Retro Cricket shirt.

New Zealand shirts
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Other sizes can be made to order. Please contact us for details.

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New Zealand retro towelling hat
In white
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